Dr Emma Haynes

Perinatal Psychotherapy

Helping those who experienced a difficult, often traumatic childhood.

The other half of my clinical practice is working with developmental trauma.

Many women with maternal mental illness have experienced difficulties in childhood and have stressful or negative relationships with their mothers and parents. Yet they want a different experience with their own child.

Developmental trauma is trauma in early development (through transgenerational trauma or trauma in utero), or from toxic or dysfunctional early relationships, traumatic experiences and neglect. There is a link between severe maternal mental illness and developmental trauma. It can also come from deleterious conditions such as war, famine and migration.


Many people have experienced violent and abusive relationships with their parents/caregivers and often continue to experience this in adulthood. This brings extreme fear and high anxiety in life. This fear continues, no matter what they do to cope (for example, addiction, OCD, and withdrawal from society). The fear is a constant in life, causing lifelong mental illness and health difficulties. Some can also be diagnosed with personality disorders, such as Borderline Personality Disorder (EUPD) and Narcissism.

I aim to enable clients to discover who they are, to gain a sense of self, working with them to enhance their life choices and helping them find joy and happiness.

My joy is from seeing a client regain their mojo and improve their self-worth, enhancing the way they feel about themselves and others and also enabling them to achieve greater success in their working lives, their relationships and their personal lives.

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