Dr Emma Haynes

Perinatal Psychotherapy

I offer training in perinatal (maternal, paternal/partner) mental illness and complex disturbance in the maternal.



5-Day Certificate in

Perinatal Psychotherapy  

Begins April 2024




From pre-conception to post-birth, disturbance within the parenting journey is far too common and can have devastating effects on the mother, infant, partner and entire family.


The training is relational in approach and offers a thorough grounding in perinatal mental illness, how to work with it, the most common presentations, some of the common ethical dilemmas, working with neurodivergence and complex presentations (TFMR, postpartum psychosis, late miscarriage, loss in infancy, birth trauma). We will explore a multitude of themes including parental bonding, attachment and affect regulation and how fundamental these are in perinatal work. We will also cover working with fathers/partners and couples (including heterosexual, single sex and non-binary couples).

The course programme is as follows:

Training Day 1

What are we working with. Perinatal mental illness - pathology, normality or  systemic failure?

The common presentations, confounders, and disturbance in the parenting journey.

Complex presentation -IVF, ART, donor, surrogacy, TFMR, psychosis


Training Day 2

How to effectively plan the treatment

Attachment, bonding and affect regulation; working with the infant in the room; couples work

Training Day 3

The importance of Black, Asian and ethnic minority experiences of childbirth and parenting in the UK, Europe and worldwide

Training Day 4

Working with creative methods to address the silencing, shame, and guilt

Training Day 5

Ethical dilemmas, Neurodivergence, Gender Identity & parenthood, working with disability and medical disorder (parent and/or infant),

parents with high dependency infants, or with terminal illness.


  • Suitable for any modality of psychotherapist or counsellor
  • Good breaks within the training days
  • Opportunity for experiential learning throughout the course
  • Supervision for those already working with perinatal clients

Dates (all Fridays)

12th April, 3rd May, 17th May, 7th June, 21st June 2024

The course offers a CPD certificate for 30 hours, for those who complete the course.
The cost of each course for the 5 days of training is £500
The time will be from 10am to 5pm each training day.

If you are interested and want to book, please contact me (email: emma@emmahaynes.co.uk) so I can take payment

Training for new mums

A workshop for new mums and their babies to teach them all about their infants, the way in which babies communicate, how to address their needs and the babies, and the importance of bonding and attachment.

If you would like to participate in any of the training days above please contact me at: emmafhaynes@aol.com stating what you would like to attend and what date if there is a choice.

I am happy to provide specific training for mums, midwives, health visitors or any kind of health practitioner. Please contact me about your needs so I can set up a workshop that would be suitable.

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